The Races

[This RP is based on the NBC television show Grimm. As the main character discovers more races, more options will appear here. The human descriptions aren’t perfect, they just make it easier to have realistic Face Claims.]

Creatures refer to themselves on a whole as Wesen.


  • Pig-like creatures with pointed ears, snouts and tusks jouting up from the lower jaw. When disguised as humans, they range in height and are usually overweight.
  • Bauerschwein and Blutbaden have a long-standing feud. Nearly every death of a Bauerschwein has been blamed on a Blutbad, even suicides.
  • They have a tendency to bathe in mud when they need to clear their minds.
  • Cataloged in “The Three Little Pigs” 


  • A blutbad is a wolf-like creature. Their hair covers their faces, hands and feet. They have long, sharp teeth and claws. Its human form usually has thick eyebrows and a sharp jawline.
  • They have a keen sense of smell only weakened by the scent of wolfsbane.
  • Their main physical weakness is on their lower back, where a cluster of nerves are located.
  • In between kills, a Blutbad will fatten up its victim because they usually go at least a week between meals.
  • Wieder Blutbaden are a reformed group that do not practice the murder of other creatures (particularly humans) in order to maintain their diet.
  • Cataloged in “The Three Little Pigs”, “Little Red Riding Hood”


  • Eisbibers are beaver-like creatures. Their human form is usually more petite than most other races.
  • They are very meek creatures.


  • Fox-like creatures. When they are disguised, they tend to have strong bone structure and small noses.
  • They’re known for being very sly.
  • They are usually involved in shady transactions with other, more vicious creatures.
  • Cataloged in “The Fox and the Cat”, “The Wedding of Mrs. Fox” “The Wolf and the Fox”


  • When tranformed, Geiers look similar to vultures. They have long talons on their hands and grow an extra talon on the back of their heel. When disguised, they have long noses and necks.
  • Geiers are harvesters and take pleasure in the pain of other creatures, particularly humans.
  • They harvest human organs to use as aphrodisiacs within the creature community.
  • They usually attack from above.


  • A witch-like creature. Disguised, Hexenbiests are very attractive and can be identified by a dark mark under their tongues. Transformed, they resemble demons or goblins.
  • They are most often under the command of royalty and are very loyal creatures.
  • They are the natural prey of Mellifers and the only creatures with fighting skills to match the Hexenbiest are Mellischwulers or Queen Bees.


  • Bear-like creatures. Disguised, the males are usually tall and have thick musculature. 
  • They use a rare Germanic weapon with a carved bear head and a claw-like scoop to disembowel their victims. This weapon is used during Roh-hatz, a coming-of-age celebration of a young Jägerbar from boy to man.
  • Cataloged in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”


  • Snake-like creatures with forked tongues, slit pupils and scaly skin; Disguised, they are tall and slender, usually with almond-shaped eyes.
  • They strangle their prey.


  • Mouse-like creatures, they have very round faces whether or not they have transformed and are usually very petite. As a rule, they are smaller than Eisbibers.
  • They are very timid and shy. Mauzhertz are regularly the prey of Lausenschlange.


  • Mellifers are social bee-like creatures who typically swarm. The disguised Mellifer usually has short hair and a wide face. 
  • They have a hive-mind mentality and live in human-sized hive habitats, usually built from large, empty spaces. (Such as abandoned warehouses or factories) They can send a warning call within the creature world.
  • Mellifers use natural bees to provide cover when needed and also employ the Mellifer Stinger, a syringe-like device used to deliver their apitoxin.
  • Hexenbiests are their only known enemies.
  • Cataloged in “The Queen Bee”



  • They are rat-like creatures, usually slender or even skinny in stature.
  • Reinegen are scavengers by nature, and are at the bottom of the creature food chain. 
  • They are not timid, but by nature they are only prone to violent anger when pushed to their limit.
  • They possess a musical ability that allows them to mesmerize and control the behavior of rats.
  • Cataloged in “Pied Piper of Hamelin”



  • The Ogres of the creature world. They have an intensely unpleasant body odor.
  • Siegbarste are extremely rare. They have dense bones, thick skin and a high tolerance for pain.  While not impossible to kill, high-powered elephant guns known as Siegbarste Gewehr with bullets coated in Siegbarste Gift(poison) are the only way to properly kill this creature
  • They are known for holding grudges.
  • Cataloged in “Jack and the Beanstalk”


  • Spinnetods most resemble the black widow spider in appearance and behavior.
  • They hunt by liquifying the insides of their victims with digestive juices and then consuming newly digested organs from their abdomen.
  • If Spinnetods lose a limb, they can regrow it in a matter of days. They are fast and agile creatures.
  • They experience rapid aging if they do not consume the insides of young men.
  • They are attracted to shiny objects, particularly jewelry and they dislike water.
  • Cataloged in the Japanese tales “Magical Spider”, “Waterfall Spiderwebs” and “Protection from Drowning”




  • They are goat-like beasts, often known as “Bluebeards”. They are similar to the Greek satyr when transformed. Disguised, they tend to be brunettes with more “ethnic” features.
  • Ziegvolk are meek and give off a pheromone, excreted through the sweat glands, that is meant to attract women. They do not kill their victims and are considered lovers, not fighters.
  • Cataloged in “Bluebeard”